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Latest from the Blog

  • Breathe Easy
    People learning to swim often feel ‘out of breath’ and put it down to overexertion due to poor stroke technique or lack of fitness. However, It is possible for swimmers to practice breathing in the water whilst immobile and that ‘out of breath’ feeling can still quickly occur. Generally, breathing is a process that weContinue reading “Breathe Easy”
  • Be Patient with the Water
    It’s easy in our fast moving lives to get impatient with things…slow loading web pages, traffic jams, waiting for the next season of Succession. If we are learning something new in the water or trying to make changes to the way we swim, it is easy to get impatient with ourselves, especially if our bodiesContinue reading “Be Patient with the Water”
  • Rehearsal Space
    I recently attended a Somatic Movement workshop with Eric Wilkinson of Sun Moon Yoga. Eric describes Somatics as ‘a practice of movement, developed by Thomas Hanna (PhD), that enhances awareness of the body, leading to more efficient and pain free movement. It works by training the nervous system to be able to feel and sense the body,Continue reading “Rehearsal Space”

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